August 14, 2014 nyresthepoet

American Genocide

     Of course the violence is wrong,

" we have to value ourselves "
but to begin to do that, we have to know we are supposed to value ourselves & that starts with education…we have to value ourselves before others will & that’s the exact opposite of the music & other media we love. Rappers are condemning what happened to Michael Brown but don’t you glorify violence,death & destruction in your songs? As a people we don’t get mad enough or take action 

we forgive, forget & move on too easily & quickly

,& a month from now it’ll be back to the usual hot shoes & new reality shows.

            Take a journey with me, this is all connected – the link between all of this, or dare i say the catalyst, is education, or the lack thereof. A better educated (i don’t necessarily mean college education or school education as life/experience are great teachers) people make better life choices which in turn is directly related to the economy which is tied to the crime rate because in an area with a thriving economy it is rare for there to be a high crime rate which leads to incarceration which then leads to single parent households where the parent is working multiple jobs to provide for their family & not able to spend the same amount of time with their children as some one with a better paying job or better financial situation & this is the recipe for a perfect diaster.

            These people want for a better life & some even wish to right the world’s wrongs but when you are 2 months late on the rent with 3 hungry children one simply cannot ponder the world or it’s problems- this is not exact for every case but you cannot deny how they are inexcusably linked. When will we decide enough is enough, we kill each other & brag about it in the media & entertainment we ingest – largely,what you speak,see & hear, your brain perceives…believe positivity & greatness;manifest it but if the opposite occurs & it’s all death,degradation & destruction that’s what gets manifested in the form of the physical…

this is a war on the poor and truthfully this war on the poor is more like genocide

       If what is going on in American cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit etc, would be happening in another country, the US military would swoop in and drop bombs & food claiming to be liberating the people. Though many have died in these cities, genocide doesn’t necessarily have to bring death immediately as poor education leads to lower class in life which in turns leads to a multitude of problems that are all cyclical.

" Socio-Economic problems are far deadlier & wide spread than the death & destruction that is shown on the news "
There are exceptions to the rule but you cannot honestly tell yourself that there are absolutely no parallels between any one of these things. The music & other entertainment we absorb makes us hate each other & not see others as human, only as niggas & bitches, this is not a new tactic – militaries use this tactic in their training & indoctrination of soldiers to make their “enemies” less than human to justify killing & war, the more inhuman & dirty you can make someone the easier it is to bring harm to them(dehumanization).

It is utter insanity how we flock to hatred & despair. The entertainers (i refuse to call them ARTists) teach you to hate yourself because you don’t have their riches, teach you to hate women, dehumanize them & only see them as sex objects,

they teach you that money & material possession are more important than real connections

& you should NEVER love or trust anyone. i always say that i want to see these people 50-60yrs from now -who are obsessed with the entertainers & their hateful messages- are old & lonely with no family, friends or grandchildren because they bought into the lie of never loving or trusting anyone that was sold to them by their masters of the media & entertainment. Idiocracy is praised.

            There is a scene in one of my favorite movies called “Domino” where one of the characters is talking about where the world is headed – all porn, all the time – , it’s coming true, over sexualized & violent products of the environment are now out in the world. Everything is connected & you are part of the problem if you refuse to see the strings that control the chains around your neck, why is it that more & more “food” comes prepackaged & premade , why is it that fast good is so prevalent, 

" there is no money in the cure, only the disease "
 …look closer, who owns the companies who own the prisons,who owns the doctors who prescribe the medicines,who owns the companies that make these poison pills,who owns the media we consume, and despite what these rappers say…who really owns the planes/airways/shipping ports & large fields of land in foreign countries to make the drug trade possible, take a step back & look at this logically, do your research & find your own answers, i promise what you will find will tear down whatever you were taught in school.             The people are unhappy, not because another person of color was murdered at the hands of law enforcement but that we are even at this point in time where more pressing matters such as the global food & water shortage or how fossil fuel wells are running dry are not being discussed,

it’s not a coincidence that what really matters is not being talked about

It’s a distraction…pay attention to the right hand but also know what the left hand is doing behind the back.

R.I.P. to all those murdered by law enforcement, especailly those who got little or no justice

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