Asma Kamara, Creator & Designer of “Eminent by AK”

July 26, 2017
July 26, 2017 nyresthepoet

Asma Kamara, Creator & Designer of “Eminent by AK”

Model: Aliyah Curry


by: Aliyah Curry

I discovered Eminent by AK, based in LA, through a fashion blogger I follow on Instagram and fell in love immediately. Not only was I attracted to the sharp necklines, cutouts and zippers paired with flowy pant lines and dress hems, but I also can’t resist Black business. The Safia jumpsuit reeled me in- the structured V-neck and side cutouts are flattering and placed perfectly. I also loved Asma’s simple color choices of red, white, grey, and black through her collection to further show off her design skills rather than focusing on a print. I choose red to try to pull myself out of the black hole that is my closet, and don’t regret my decision at all. Not only does the color pop against my skin, but the material is light and breathable. It was a steal for $23.00 on sale! Coming from an art school with a great fashion program and influence, I had to reach out to Asma Kamara, the creator and designer of Eminent by AK, to get to know her and about her brand.


AC: First off, tell us about yourself!

AK: Well, I was born in Virginia, raised in Hamilton, New Jersey, and I’m of Sierra Leone descent, West Africa. I’ve taken college courses in fashion here and there after high school, but I didn’t start designing until last year earlier on in 2016. My “other hobbies” I’ve been making a career out of as well, which are modeling and acting. Apart from those, I love to paint, draw, and work out.


AC: What drove you to create your own line, and how were you able to take that leap?

AK: Since I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of designing clothing as one of my creative endeavors, but it always seemed more like a distant dream due to lack of confidence. Over the last two years especially, I’ve been finding myself and realizing that I have more to offer gain than lose so why not just go after what I truly want in my life.


AC: What is your creative process and how do you get yourself out a rut?

AK: I’m a compulsive daydreamer, my mind just drifts away at any given time and within that is how I create. When I’ve seemingly run out of thoughts I scroll on Pinterest, tumblr, and listen to music for new inspiration.


AC: What are your long-term goals as a designer?

AK: I hope to impact a positive social change as a designer (even in the slightest), and inspire others to make their dreams reality, too.


AC: Who is your target group and why?

AK: My target group is all women/those who identify as women… but especially Black women/African women. It’s apparent that we face many challenges growing up and trying to navigate through life figuring out who we are without letting society’s expectations and/or stereotypes define who we are as a whole and individually.


AC: As a fashion designer, what inspires you?

AK: As a fashion designer and just overall creative, I am inspired by a lot. I’m inspired by the world around me in its current state of fashion and past fashions, I’m inspired by nature, I’m inspired by African culture, art, films, and I’m inspired by strong women.


AC: As a Black woman, how do you navigate the fashion world?

AK: As a black woman navigating in the fashion world, I look to see where we are underrepresented or misrepresented and try to fill that void or change the perception.


AC: What inspired the creation of the Safia jumpsuit?

AK: With the Safia Jumpsuit, I had comfort and ease in mind. I also wanted it to stand out and make you feel sexy and/or edgy wearing it so that’s where the cut outs came in play. The fluttering mid-calf length was inspired by my quirky side, I thought it’d be cute lol. I chose the color grey for a relaxing day lounging around or grocery shopping and red for a night out about the city.


AC: What can we expect to see in your next collection?

AK: What’s coming new to Eminent will now be a series of pieces, my whole line can be considered a collection. I will be introducing exclusive pieces in African Wax prints and Kente fabrics, but all while still having pieces made of regular western made fabrics. I want to portray Eminent as a lifestyle brand, it’s really more than just the clothes, it’s about who is wearing it and how it makes them feel. With that being said, I’m actually so excited to start this new wave in my line and can’t wait to see the new levels Eminent will make!


While we eagerly wait to see what Asma has next in store for us, be sure to keep up her and the brand on Instagram here!



Aliyah Curry is an east coast roaming writer and photographer. Keep up with her on Instagram here and on Twitter here.


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