Campus Water War – Paine College Edition

March 23, 2014
Posted in Visual Art

Campus Water War – Paine College Edition

((watch in FULL HD 1080p))

it was HOT…what better way to cool off than buckets of water to the face??? buckets of water, super soakers, short-shorts & tank tops…perfect recipe for fun on a lazy spring/summer day

Doctor P – Sweet Shop

indieTHI3VES noun 1./ˌində’/THēvēs/ – a thought-provoking label & brand that uses ART from the independent spirit of thieves who believe in the intrinsic desire for greatness inside of each individual that can be shown through visual, auditory, and performance arts and through those means, heal the ills of the world brought on by socio-economic pressures…curse the darkness or light a candle – indieTHI3VES™ ©NyresThePoet

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