June 5, 2014 nyresthepoet

Don’t Believe the HYPE

Way back when, music was REAL & filled with soul & emotion; now you get called gay for showing your feelings towards a woman (yeah, that makes sense) i dare anyone back in the day to call The Chi Lites, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind And Fire, Marvin GayeThe Isley Brothers, The Spinners, Al Green, Otis Redding, Stevie WonderThe Four Tops etc gay because all of their songs were about love, good times & relationships. Most of the people who walk around emotionless & heartless were made off of their songs. Wake up people, LOVE isn’t dead, you just have to let it in your heart; don’t be afraid to shine the light of love in the dark world, “ curse the darkness or light a candle”. 40 years from now all the people who follow the “don’t love these hoes” “these niggas ain’t shit” train will be old & lonely because they let the world tell them not to show love; don’t listen LOVE is the ONLY answer.

     The state of “music” (noise) X entertainment today does not make any logical sense at all…we dehumanize each other & only value material things while pushing love away & then wonder why relationships don’t last & you’re on your 4th baby-mama/daddy… wake up people the world is meant to be joyous, not a constant fight to “stunt on fuck niggas” who are in the same struggle you’re in. Show LOVE, not malice… POSITIVITY, PEACE, BLESSINGS, PROGRESSION

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