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Harvey Harv- Feel Good

indieTHI3VES™- Where did your name come from?

Harvey Harv– My name is just an extension of my real name, Harvey. I’m named after my pops and people would always call him that; and he would call me that as well. Plus, I always thought, why not use my real name? Everything I’m giving is a direct extension of me…Harvey Harv.

indie- We know you’re moving forward, but your last project “StillMathersImmunity” was amazing, where did that name come from?

Harv- “StillMathersImmunity” is a title that I mashed together of 3 of my favorite albums. “Stillmatic” by Nas. “The Marshall Mathers LP” by Eminem. “Diplomatic Immunity” by The Diplomats. “StillMathersImmunity” wasn’t made to necessarily reflect those albums, but was just to show where I’ve gained inspiration from throughout the years. My upcoming project, “I Am Brilliant” will take you into a different world though. Someplace that you can escape into.

indie- What do you feel like you’re adding to the world?

Harv- I just want to give something real. Not even focused on being different, but representing what is unique. Authenticity shouldn’t be forced. It should be natural. It should be recognized.

indie- Do you read to influence your work?

Harv- More so than reading, I just observe and sponge in what I can. I read people. I read situations. I read my environment. The world is an open book within itself. So if you’re not reading, you’re not gaining. I have a story with many pages, and many more to come. The next chapter is “I Am Brilliant”.

indie- What’s the last movie you’ve seen?

Harv- the last movie I saw was “The Imitation Game”. It’s about a guy who’s trying to crack a military code. He’s brilliant (no pun intended). And he’s extremely focused. He gets a bad rap for wanting to work alone and appears cocky, but he just KNOWS that he has the ability to solve the unsolvable. Not to bask in his own glory, but to show that if you believe in yourself, anything can be accomplished, no matter who you are. We can relate in that sense, because I KNOW that I can make others believe. And once they do; everybody wins.

My deput LP, “I Am Brilliant”, will be available for the people very soon. I’m excited and anxious to release it. I have a visual out now for my lead single, “Feel Good”, which was directed by Wasting Imagination. It’s like a painting that changes form depending on the viewer. Individual interpretation makes it beautiful. Embrace your brilliance.

Harvey Harv
From: Augusta, GA

Label: Brilliant Musiq





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