March 18, 2014 nyresthepoet

the illuminati, jr X indieTHI3VES™

Late last year i was recording a studio session for a few guys i went to school with at a local studio to turn into a short visual snippet for a song of theirs. During one of the breaks one of the guys who also recorded at the studio asked if he could see some of my work because he may possibly have some work for me. Being the hungry (literally) kid that i was, i showed him the YouTube channel & he quickly said he wanted to work with me for a visual he wanted to do for a song about “poppin’ Molly”. i told him that that didn’t align with where i was going with indieTHI3VES™ and he replied “I don’t pop molly, i don’t even smoke…it’s what the DJ’s say people want to hear” it was in this moment, as i sat there in total disbelief that i realized what i had been feelin’ for all my life…it was my duty to change the world, and i would do it through my gifts.

Fast forward to a few days ago & i get approached by someone asking me to do a music video for a song, he emails me the song, asks me to listen to it & meet him the following day to discuss the details over food. i listened to the song & quickly realized that indieTHI3VES™ couldn’t be involved with it because it was more of the violence & cocaine lifestyle glorification that i was so determined to go against.  The next day i tell him this at the restaurant & he listens at first then throws the “don’t worry about that, it’ll be put on MTV Jams & WorldStar HipHop so you’ll get plenty of notice” line at me then the “you need money don’t you,this is a paid job & sometimes to get your foot in the door (entertainment industry) you have to go along with things you don’t necessarily agree with” he persists with rationalizing me promoting more of the death, destruction, violence & drug culture glorifying over chicken wings & burgers while we wait for his business partner. When his business partner arrives he laughingly says “tell him why you won’t shoot the video for ___”. i tell him & he looks at me & says  he would never let his wife listen to what he is pushing (he’s a doctor by the way, both of these men are college educated).  He said he’s in it to make money, & at the end of the day it’s a business & he wants a return on his investment. He stated that he loved HipHop & actually preferred lyricism to the “turn up” music but that this is what people wanted to hear. He went on to tell me that those genres each have their place (which is true) & he wouldn’t want me to feel as if i had to change myself or have the artist have to change himself to conform to my views; by this time it was getting late & i stated i had to leave soon, as i was getting up to leave one of the guys said they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer & expected to hear from the letting them know what i decided.  

As i walked through the parking lot i literally felt the weight of the world on my shoulders

 , as i am a relative unknown & if i’m havin’ conversations like this this early in the game, what is in store for me when i “make it”. When the incident with the “Molly song” happened, i called my father asking for advice, he told me “you can’t be broke and have morals too…” that hit me like a ton of bricks then he said “but don’t do it if you can’t live with yourself”, needless to say i didn’t take either job, though i will never understand how you can you claim to love Hip-Hop & the hood but promote & glorify the violence, drugs & idiotic behavior.

You may or may not believe in the Illuminati but you cannot deny that there are unforeseen forces that control the media (music,film tv,etc),governments & corporations…

that have a vested interest NOT to broadcast positivity; whether you want to believe it or not EVERYTHING you see, hear touch, think & ultimately feel is controlled by the media…for example why are there so many “one hit wonders” who do the “pop a molly, sell crack to the kids, turn up, shake you ass bitch so i can stunt on these fuck niggas” songs (noise)??? There is an agenda to promote idiocracy…i reFuse to believe that people actually want to hear about death & destruction 24/7…it goes against basic human nature which is self preservation then preservation of human kind…glorifying the sale of poison & violence is not self preservation at all; as to the “it’s what people want to hear” argument i have this example; i love ROTTWEILERS & have breed them pretty much all of my life…if all you give a dog is a 79cent can of dog food they will happily eat it & beg for more not knowing that there exists such things as T-bone steaks, filet mignon, baby-back ribs etc because that is all they know,  but if you give that same dog a taste of something better they will enjoy the delectable goodness & not want the cheap stuff, this is exactly what is happening with the entertainment industry/rap/hip-hop music as idiocracy, degradation & violence become the norm. We have forgotten that there is a way to talk about the street life without glorifying it, a way to make party songs without calling a woman everything but a housewife & a way to make money while telling your story through ART, not mindless idiocracy that is passed off as entertainment… -indieTHI3VES™ ©NyresThePoet

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