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is Bobby Schmurda Yummy Sandifer?

Hip-Hop Imitates Life

     We’re sure you know who Bobby Schmurda is but do you know who Yummy Sandifer was? If not, do a quick search & educate yourself on a part of cultural history & see the parallels between the two. Yummy & Schmurda- who were killed & born within a month of each other- Yummy, born Robert Sandifer on March 12, 1983, was killed 20 years ago (September 1, 1994), the parallels between them (as well as countless youths who get lost in the system) are innumerous- both were young, had many run ins with the law with Yummy having an astonishing 23 felonies by the time he was killed at age 11 & each were allegedly involved in the gang life. Bobby Schrmurda, real name Ackquille Jean Pollard, born August 4, 1994 (age 20) whose song “Hot Nigga” tells the tale of murder & drug deals through verse, was wrapped up in a December 17, 2014 raid that left him & his fellow GS9 crew members (allegedly a Crip set) fighting for their freedom with a 69 count indictment split between 13 people with everything ranging from murder & drug deals to assault with a deadly weapon. When Yummy was killed, TuPac was still alive & he condemned the act, dedicated a song to him (Young Niggaz) & held his photo up during the infamous prison interview all while speaking up on other social issues of the day.

Schmurda is still locked away on a 2Million dollar bail in a New York prison. Where are the supposed “artists” of today speaking up for him to get him released, & an even better question is where is the label (Epic Records) & the high powered attorneys to help this young brother out who just a few months ago was poised to earn the label boatloads of money? 50 Cent spoke on this questioning why the labels built him up with all this press & media attention getting him in the forefront but left him when he got hemmed up. Answer the question with a question-

“why don’t they respect those who make them money”

Our culture is continually pimped out while those who have absolutely NOTHING to do with the culture or care for it’s well being are lining their pockets with what should be our livelihoods. They build up entertainers for a quick dollar & either tear them down or let them burn out & then laugh at them i.e., Trinidad James


A History Lesson on Yummy

Yummy went on a crime spree

that nearly paralyzed Kianta Britten who he thought was a rival gang member & ended the life of 14 Shavon Dean who was struck in the head by a stray bullet as he fired wildly into a crowd of boys he suspected to be rival gang members playing football. After he shot Dean he went into hiding & for 72hrs the city of Chicago was the scene of a massive manhunt for the 11yr old victim of his environment who was later found shot execution style in a viaduct by the same gang he wanted so badly to be a part of & literally killed for because they feared if he was caught he would roll on all of them & leave them wanted by police facing sentences.


Chief Keef, Bobby Schmurda & Yummy Sandifer are all victims of their environments where being cold & ruthless was the only way to survive & sometimes felonious acts became a part of daily life. How did we make it to this place where violence is adored, where the drug game is glorified & where we aren’t respected in the media so the media teaches us not to respect ourselves. You become what you see & unfortunately a large percentage of kids who grow up in this won’t make it out & if they do become adults they still have the same mental chains that have been passed on by generations  to their offspring & the cycle continues. Like we here at indieTHI3VES™ stress, nothing is coincidence- look behind the curtain & peel back the layers to see who benefits from keeping up blind & unwilling to change or free ourselves.

Characters who will readily kill each other or harm the community instead of banding together & going against real threats & enemies such as the prison system & how it’s monetized by big corporations or how the education system constantly fails but is an on going cycle set up in a game we aren’t equipped to win in our current state, only further propagate the problem.

The puppets who are the gods & teachers of this generation

don’t care about us as a people like true ARTists in the past did. it’s no coincidence that Bobby Shmurda, whose popular song about murder (as his name implies) & other violent acts are played over anyone else actually saying something…look at the bigger picture, who really benefits from keeping us broke & in the illusion that we’re all enemies who we have to constantly “stunt” on & belittle.

So many people love & praise money & material wealth more than they care for themselves

…it’s sad, we need real ARTists to make us face these lies & show us a way out of the darkness.

With all this being said, it still leaves us with this last question, “how can you hate the niggas you created America”? Remember ‪‎Yummy Sandifer‬, there are still kids out here living lives like this…


Chicago Murders|1994 – 931         2014 – 432              US Soldiers killed in 2014 – 55
Malcolm X: The white man will sell you the liquor bottle, then lock you up for being drunk.”

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