April 15, 2014 nyresthepoet

Meek Mill – Tony Story (prologue)

Tony's Story coming soon FINAL

Meek Mill – Tony Story pt.1 & 2

To most, Meek Mill (currently signed to Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group & head of his own imprint, Dream Chasers Records) is considered a “cocaine rapper” being that every other line in a majority of his raps are either cocaine references, claims of how much cocaine he has sold or stories of the lavish life that coke dealers lead. For “Tony Story“, (pt.1 & 2) – Tony’s Story in proper grammar – that is not the case as it actually tells of the betrayal, instigation, murder, violence & loss of trust between friends that all to often happens in the drug trade. Tony, Ty, Paully, & Tony’s little brother all meet the inevitable fate that happens in the drug game & learn that it’s impossible to win because

you can’t see all the cards that the dealer holds

. Using a bit of artistic leeway, indieTHI3VES™ attempts to bring this hood drama to life & leave the viewer with a violent, bloody & surreal look at what really happens in the drug game with no frill or glamour…just raw emotion & pain.

Many entertainers rap about the fast life & glorify the sale of cocaine

but there is nothing fun about the destruction of your generation, getting rich off of those less fortunate than you, & having to bury a close friend who was murdered behind the coke trade. Impressional boys who have no role models or father figures see 2 Chainz, Jeezy, T.I. & so on, glorifying the sale of cocaine & make it seem like you will have money, power & women but thats not the reality. There is nothing fun about being 19 getting 40 years for gun & narcotics charges. Rappers could do a much better job of using their fame to tell the “hood stories” without glorying it, all the while making it known that you may float for a while but eventually your ship will sink. There is no coincidence that this is being praised & glorified while education & meaningful things in life such as being a good person & love are being downplayed. See the invisible strings that control the invisible chains on your neck, see the hurt of the world & wonder who is the cause of it. THINK!!!  Whether or not you want to admit or believe it, the media controls EVERYTHING you see, think, hear & ultimately feel…who controls the media? ©NyresThePoet – indieTHI3VES™


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