still NOT loving (the) Police (state)…

August 14, 2014 nyresthepoet

still NOT loving (the) Police (state)…

" Weapons of war have no place on our streets… "
were the words uttered by our beloved president Barack Obama on February 4th, 2013 & a year later in the wake of the recent tragedy that occurred in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri on Aug 9th which resulted in the life of Michael Brown – an unarmed teenager – being stolen from him by an (at the time of this post) unnamed “peace officer”, people are seeing what many “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for a decade now,

the police are becoming militarized at an alarming rate

even small to medium sized towns such as Augusta, Ga have their own armored personnel carriers. Ever since 1994 when the Pentagon authorized police departments across the country to have access to military surplus equipment with the “1033 Program” & the unfathomable need for even the smallest town to have fully armed & armored SWAT units, the collective mentality & public perception of police by the general public is aggression, excessive force & brutality. When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…how many lives could have been saved if tools of war could have been diverted & funds allocated to better training for officers to handle incidents such as mentally ill citizens, (which account for a large number of the officer involved shootings) de-escalating confrontations with unarmed citizens as was the case with young Michael Brown, better training for officers to learn how to handle tense situations without deadly force being their 1st option & keeping cool & level heads when provoked. Stan Lee of superhero/comic book fame said it best,

‘with great power comes great responsibility”

Regardless of what actually happened or what “they” say happened, there are these thing’s called Rules of Engagement, where a real-time threat assessment must be done before escalation of force; if you’re a “trained” police officer / peace officer & you cannot subdue an unarmed teen without deadly force, you do not need to be a police officer.  – indieTHI3VES

"is this America or a foreign country that the military is trying to “liberate”"

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