Tupac’s Vision: The Lost Conversation

November 9, 2014
November 9, 2014 nyresthepoet

Tupac’s Vision: The Lost Conversation

Tupac speaks on fearing for his life, being set up, the future of hip hop & cleaning up the community

Tupac & Sanyika dropped so much knowledge

in this short conversation that i literally shed a tear listening- what if the rapers(not a typo, i meant rape(rs) because they’re raping & pillaging us) & entertainers you love, worship & praise would just do an ounce of good. Imagine if he was still here then you can see why he was killed.

With the recent events in Ferguson, MO i found it hilarious how rapers who obviously love black on black crime, as it is evident in every “shoot the club up, slap a bitch, sell crack out my grandma’s house” verse that they put out – speak out against the murder of an unarmed Michael Brown by a white police officer. The duality of them promoting violence & hard drugs at the same time saying the murder was wrong ( which it is ) is utterly insane. How can they really love the hood but do no good for it; the answer is that

they don’t love the hood

…only those in the darkness who blast their music like morning prayers reciting murder over & over as the crime rates go up, giving up money & converting fans across the inner city- those are the ones who they love. Anyone who has had any inner city experience knows there is nothing fun about gun shots & drug infested neighborhoods.

Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a racial thing; increasingly the gap of achieving higher education, economic growth & general happiness is widening, growing with time & a supporter of Occupy & Anonymous i have seen that everything is connected & the plight of minorities is just a small link in a large chain of the HAVES to prevent the HAVE-NOTS from seeing the light. We are living in a modern day “Allegory of the Cave.

" if you aren’t careful culture vultures will hijack your culture & fuck you so well you won’t even realize you’re getting fucked & you will like it & continue to go along with it until it’s too late…"

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