definition of indieTHI3VES™

indieTHI3VES™ noun 1./ˌində'/THēvēs/ - an ART label for and of thinkers explaining sunLiGHT to those who never left the darkness... ∴|∞ ॐ

Lyricism & Poetry| –   ART is life & beauty in the form of the human spirit,narrated by the poetry of the pen, felt in the souls of those who need the stories…

Writing with Light & Motion| – capturing ART through our lenses, seen by those who hold the world in their eyes & feel enigmatic compassion in their hearts… 


Philosophy of indieTHI3VES™

"  ARTists have a duty to the world not to be selfish with their gifts because the world needs ARTists , not entertainers, to force truth upon them when they’re in bed with lies, to inject medicine when they’re high on the ills of the world & provide comfort when that same world gets too much to bear… – indieTHI3VES™"

what are THI3VES

the saying goes "thick as thieves",but when you’re independent you’re all you have so you have to watch your own back because a thief's worst fear is someone stealing from them, & ARTistically,a creator would hate to have their creation & creativity stolen from them so they do whatever they have to do to survive because killing one's creativity is suicide - indieTHI3VES™


writing verses & stories to make people feel what they’ve lost & remember how much there is to gain


lyricism spoken from the heart, created from our stories to ease the world’s pain

Lense (Still)

the beauty that our eyes see captured to show people that even though the world “aint so beautiful all the time”, beauty does still exist

Lense (Motion)

through the beauty that indieTHI 3VES™ showcases, the beauty within individuals & eventually the world will be realized & the path to saving us from ourselves will be traversed with ART as the 1st step



ART of indieTHI3VES™

beauty is in everything & the human spirit is poetry
a thought-provoking label & brand that uses ART from the independent spirit of THI3VES who believe in the intrinsic desire for greatness inside of each individual that can be shown through visual, auditory, & performance ARTs & through those means, heal the ills of the world brought on by socio-economic pressures...curse the darkness or light a candle- ∴|∞ ॐ

2nd indieTHI3VES™
2nd indieTHI3VES™
2nnd indieTHI3VES™ B&W
1st indieTHI3VES™ B&W
  • see what one person can do when you truly believe in your purpose,success is inevitable for you

  • Hip-Hop can be a reason to live & at the same time the cause of death. Hip-Hop is inspiration, It is HOPE, it is the future… 

    KC via Text
  • when people understand that Hip-Hop is a culture & rap is only a by-product of Hip-Hop…the world will be a better place 

    Dj Knightmare via Text
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ART vs. entertainment

there is a difference between entertainment & ART ..we don't want to entertain, we want to make people to think; ARTists were put here for 3 show truth, heal the world & ease it's pain - indieTHI3VES™


LIGHT up the darkness

every story told, whether it be through a MICROPHONE, PEN, or a LENSE brings indieTHI3VES™ closer to changing the world & sparking minds...making the ART more clear


follow indieTHI3VES™

something needs to change, a voice needs to rise...the people need it, we're dyin' for truth & killin' for less... - indieTHI3VES™

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